Frédéric DESCHAMPS Organiste

Frédéric Deschamps was born in 1985 in La Ro-chelle (France). At 15 years old and after a few years of conservatory, he met the famous organist Francis Chapelet, international concert and specialist of European baroque music.

Then, Frédéric Deschamps has found and worked the repertoire from XVIe to XVIIIe century which has given him the opportunity to perform with Francis Chapelet at numerous concerts.
Since 2013, he has performed alone a hundred concerts worldwide (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada) during which he shared with the public a repertoire spanning five centuries of music. His talent for improvisation in all styles, is also recognized and appreciated. Among the places where he has performed some are prestigious such as Notre Dame in Paris or St. Mary's Church in Lübeck, Germany.

In 2015, he published three albums. Among them, two were recorded at the Albi’s cathedral : the first, dedicated to the organ music of the European baroque period, and the second to French music of the XVIIe and XVIIIe centuries. He also co-authored a disc with Francis Chapelet in Spain. He recorded in spring 2016 an opus on the Saint-Salvi collegiate highlights five organ centu-ries. Several projects of international recordings are already scheduled for the coming years.

Frédéric Deschamps is the titular organist of the great historic organ Christophe Moucherel  (1736) of the Sainte-Cécile cathedral, considered one of the greatest baroque organs in Europe, and also the great symphonic organ Maurice Puget (1930) of the Saint-Salvi’s church in Albi.